There are two sorts of marketing, according to some. Strategies in digital marketing and marketing can be classified as using Push or Pull marketing tactics.

The primary distinction between the two is how the company approaches the customer. Pull Marketing is linked with consumers actively seeking your product in response to direct demand. In contrast, Push Marketing is connected with customers actively seeking your product, as the consumer is not actively seeking your product.

A push strategy is to launch a limited-time promotion for your product. Use a medium that your target market is already familiar with, such as a…

There are various factors that go into developing a good digital marketing strategy, with two of the most significant tactics being SEO and lead generation.

How do SEO and lead generation work together?

SEO and lead generation work together because the more frequently you appear on the first page of search results, the more potential customers will be able to find and interact with your company. SEO allows you to improve your search engine ranking, which indicates more website traffic, more visibility for your business, more clicks, and ultimately, more sales.

SEO produces leads by ensuring that your website is…

E-commerce is a type of business in which all of the purchasing and selling is done via the internet. The rapid development of smartphones and the internet has provided easy access to selling and acquiring products. This is a sure-fire approach to reach prospects for your E-commerce business. By disrupting the sales funnel, digital marketing for E-commerce businesses breaks the inertia.

How E-commerce marketers can begin the digital marketing process?

Here are the steps:

1) Driven by data:

It includes sifting through enormous quantities of data (hundreds of gigabytes) in order to arrive at a scientific, statistically-based answer to a…

It is all about reaching out to the appropriate clientele at the right moment with digital marketing. Connecting with your consumers online is the greatest method to grow your business in today’s modern and digital environment. When small businesses initially start out, their main concern is usually how to get their first clients in the door. Traditional means of advertising, such as print ads and coupon mailers, as well as large billboards on the side of the road, may be used. …

The client was running in negative in ad spent and how i scaled it to over 2.3 million dollars within 15 months

Owner: Name hidden due to NDA

Facebook ad revenue in 15 months: $2,300,000

Average ROAS: 3.11 X

Brand type: Women’s clothing brand

AOV $78

Break even ROAS- 1.6–1.7

Goal: Increase conversions for the same budget

Campaign Type: Conversion

In the digital marketing world, perspective is everything! You would be amazed to see how varied responses various ads receive from various people.

Strategy: Multiple ad format help improve the performance of Facebook ad campaign.

Type of ad formats: The variants of multi-ad domain are inclusive but not limited to

· Static ads

· Video ads

· Carousel

· Slideshow


1. Attention of Image person and Video person

2. Reduce Ad Fatigue

1. Attention of Image person and Video person

“Image people” just scroll images to be assured, while…

Client: Quit smoking products brand 🚭⠀

Goal: Double the revenue keeping the same level of ROAS or higher


I ran ads internationally (US, CA, UK, AU, NZ) and use different levels for different stages of the purchase funnel (TOF, MOF, BOF). I deployed several campaigns for cold traffic as we use different types of campaigns (Ad Set Budget Optimization and Campaign Budget Optimization with Target cost bidding strategy).⠀


For cold traffic, i used a variety of targeting. In most cases, it’s Lookalike Audiences and broad audience (without any targeting as the FB pixel has a lot of data…

Companies are hesitant to deploy advertisements during the covid-19 situation. They feel it is a waste of money, but the truth is contrary.

Here are the top reasons why you should advertise during the current situation:

1. Low CPC on Facebook & Google- There are few companies advertising now so, less crowd means opportunities for low cpc & It means more reach on advertisement networks.

2. Branding perspective- Brand yourself during current crisis situation. Your customers will remember you for a simple Covid-19 updates or tips to stay fit during this crisis situation.

3. More chances of getting eyeballs- There…

Researches have revealed that more and more people are using Media for their grievance redressal nowadays and the number of people using the traditional means of communications like phone, letters are dropping significantly. There is enough evidence that indicates that social media is not an option but has become a necessity nowadays for brands. Following are the best practices, a brand should adhere to delight clients-

  1. Lesser TAT (Turnaround time)- According to a research, the customers who are replied within 60 minutes of time are happiest and most satisfied with the customer care so the lesser the turnaround time for…

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