Digital Marketing during Covid- 19 times

Companies are hesitant to deploy advertisements during the covid-19 situation. They feel it is a waste of money, but the truth is contrary.

Here are the top reasons why you should advertise during the current situation:

1. Low CPC on Facebook & Google- There are few companies advertising now so, less crowd means opportunities for low cpc & It means more reach on advertisement networks.

2. Branding perspective- Brand yourself during current crisis situation. Your customers will remember you for a simple Covid-19 updates or tips to stay fit during this crisis situation.

3. More chances of getting eyeballs- There were thousands of ads running during a normal situation. Due to the current crisis, feed is less crowded, so it is a high chance that you will get noticed.

What kind of marketing should you do?

1.Organic marketing-

  • Write quality articles which provides value to readers during this crisis
  • Do SEO- This is the best time for guest blogging and making backlinks
  • Do free webinars- Provide free and quality training to your customers on their pressing concerns

2.Contests & Giveaways marketing- Organize caption contests. The winners can get a shoutout on your Instagram page

  • Hashtag Contests- Organise hashtag contest and feature the winner on your blog


  • Food company- Organise online cookery classes.
  • Student-centric company- Provide a free webinar on how to prepare a CV, how to prepare for the interview.
  • Do online antakchri- Pick letters related to your company and ask users to put songs related to them as comments.
  • Beauty saloon- Do online grooming classes on how to stay groomed during this situation.
  • Gym- Do online fitness class

There is no better time than now when you should be connected to your customers.

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